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In commercial baking, North Star flake ice is added to dough during mixing to minimize the shear heating effects on yeast and other ingredients. In particular, ice is used in heavy dough production, such as for pizza crusts, and in dough that will be frozen prior to baking.


Flake ice is the best solution for commercial bakeries because it is easily blended into mixtures. The thin ice flakes melt rapidly; removing the heat created in the mixing process and won’t damage mixing equipment.


Because ice is used as an ingredient in the processing of dough, North Star highly recommends the use of stainless steel ice makers and storage systems for this application. North Star stainless steel flake ice makers and storage systems are designed to meet the safety and sanitation standards of the worldwide food processing industry, and are the smart choice for commercial bakeries. North Star Ultra and Elite ice makers feature a solid stainless steel freezing surface and stainless steel interior components within the water path and rotor assembly. The stainless steel freezing surface will not contaminate food because it will not chip, peel, crack, pit or rust, as chrome-plated surfaces are known to do. The stainless steel and other approved interior components ensure that water and ice come into contact only with surfaces that are smooth, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, stable and non-absorbent.

North Star Elite and Plus modular ice storage systems include a stainless steel rake and bin lining as well as other stainless steel components for safe, sanitary storage of ice. Ice can be conveyed to use points in the plant via screw conveyor or pneumatic delivery systems.


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