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North Star Ice Equipment is the global leader in supplying ice making, storage and delivery systems for concrete cooling applications. From the Itaipu Dam in 1972 to the Panama Canal locks in 2010, North Star ice equipment has been used for mass pour concrete and ready-mix projects around the world, and North Star flake ice is preferred for critical pours to reduce the energy dissipation of the exothermic heat generated during the concrete curing process.

  • 1 Six North Star Model 90 flake ice makers were used to cool concrete for a new runway at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.
  • 2 North Star flake ice makers at the Atlanta Airport.
  • 3 Aerial view of Atlanta Airport ice plant.
  • 4 North Star flake ice makers being used in the construction of a new set of locks for the Panama Canal.
  • 5 Twin buffer tanks provide insulated short term storage of ice and allow for even ice flow and quick charging cycles.
  • 6 North Star buffer tanks on site at the Panama Canal expansion project.
  • 7 Chilled water plants at the Son La Dam project in Vietnam.
  • 8 The ice plant for the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant included four North Star Model 90 ice makers, two modular ice storage systems and four buffer tanks.
  • 9 North Star was also used for the construction of the Porce III Dam in Colombia. The plant included eight North Star Model 60 ice makers, three container storage systems and three buffer tanks.
  • 10 The North Star integrated control panel operates all eight ice makers, ice storage and delivery and buffer tanks at the Porce III construction site.

Consult our Worldwide Concrete Cooling Installations Map for more information on North Star’s experience in concrete cooling.

Learn more about how to choose ice equipment for concrete cooling applications and our recommended equipment for concrete cooling projects in this section. As always, North Star is ready to help you specify equipment or to provide quotes for your application.


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