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Considerations for Concrete Cooling

Temperature controlled concrete is required for most mass pour concrete projects to ensure a consistent temperature in every mix throughout the day. The concrete mixture is cooled to a specified placement temperature to avoid the build of up heat, which can compromise the strength and integrity of the structure. Contractors can force cool concrete using a variety of methods, including chilling the aggregates with water or air prior to mixing, or choosing a North Star ice plant, which provides flake ice or a mixture of flake ice and water that is added to the concrete mix in place of water. Depending on the concrete placement temperature required and local ambient temperatures, flake ice or a mixture of flake ice and water is often the best method to effectively achieve the correct temperature at the most efficient cost.


North Star flake ice offers these advantages over other concrete cooling methods:

  • North Star flake ice provides over 17,000 square feet (1,600 square meters) of heat transfer surface per ton, so it absorbs heat and cools more quickly and efficiently than other concrete cooling options.
  • Because North Star flake ice is only about 1/16" (1.5mm) thick, it melts quickly and completely in the mix with no delay in mixing time. There are no large ice particles left in the mix to cause voids and rejected concrete.
  • North Star ice systems give consistent concrete temperature control with every mix throughout the day. There is no waiting for start-up, for containments and iron to cool, or for pumps and compressors to come on line.
  • If there is a delay in concrete production for any reason, North Star sub-cooled flake ice does not lose its cooling power. Chilled aggregate will pick up heat if not used immediately, and must be re-chilled.
  • Unlike water cooling of aggregate, there is no issue with waste water disposal or excess free water in the mix. With North Star systems all water required for ice making is contained and utilized.
  • Compared with cooling aggregate on a belt system or in containments, North Star ice plants require very little space on a construction site.
  • As temperatures increase from morning to mid-afternoon and cooling requirements increase proportionately, it is easy to increase to the proper amount of North Star flake ice in the mix. Changing specifications are easily accommodated and no flake ice is wasted.



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