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North Star automatic ice plants are designed to meet the demands of mass pour concrete projects for dependable 24-hour operation, precise temperature control, and fast discharge and mixing. Our ice plants make ice continuously with no defrost cycles, store it in an insulated bin, and deliver it when needed to the weigh hopper at the concrete batching plant. Depending on the configuration, a buffer tank above the weigh hopper can be used to ensure the free flow of ice for very quick charging cycles.


Mobile Flake Ice Plants

  • Complete ice systems installed in standard shipping containers.
  • Each ice plant combines factory-installed North Star flake ice makers in a dry-box container and an automatic ice storage system installed in a separate refrigerated container.
  • Ideal for remote locations and can be moved from one project site to another.

North Star also offers ice plants for concrete cooling projects with the following components:

Carbon Steel Flake Ice Makers – Proven and dependable for producing large volumes of superior sub-cooled flake ice. Stainless steel ice makers are also available.

Storage Options

Delivery Systems – Conveyors to move ice from storage bin to weigh hopper.

Buffer Tanks – Live bottom tanks to provide temporary storage for up to 3 tons (2.7 MT) of flake ice. Designed to provide even ice flow and quick charging cycles.

The size of the ice plant depends upon several factors: The total amount of concrete to be cooled; hourly, daily and weekly pour rate; specified concrete placement temperature; availability and temperature of the local water supply; and the ambient dry and wet bulb temperatures. Contact North Star for assistance in specifying an ice plant for your project.



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