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North Star ice equipment has been installed in meat and poultry plants, large and small, throughout the United States and in many other parts of the world.

In poultry processing plants, North Star flake ice is used to remove heat from poultry after slaughter and dressing, to maintain cool temperatures of cut parts through all stages of processing, for case icing of fresh product prior to shipping, and for top icing shipping containers in trucks and rail cars.

  • 1 A North Star rectangular ice storage system installed at Pilgrim’s Pride.
  • 2 Two North Star Model 60 Elite Stainless Steel ice makers supply ice for Costco.
  • 3 Another view of the North Star ice makers producing ice at Costco.
  • 4 At the Bar-S plant, a North Star Model 90 Elite Stainless Steel ice maker keeps things cool.
  • 5 A North Star Model 90 Elite Stainless Steel ice maker also provides ice for meat processing at Sara Lee.
  • 6 Inspecting ice quality at Bochoco.

In meat processing, ice is used primarily during the production of various types of sausage, hot dogs and other processed meats. Ice is added during the mixing process to absorb the heat generated during blending, as well as to provide moisture, which adds to the quality of the product.


In all meat and poultry applications, flake ice pprovides a significant advantage over other types of ice. The faster ice melts, the more quickly it transfers heat out of a perishable product. Thin, flat flake ice provides maximum cooling surface area and melts more quickly than other types of ice, so provides the fastest cooking. Flake ice is also the best choice as an ingredient in processed meats. It melts quickly and it does not clump like other types of ice, so it blends easily into mixtures and will not damage mixing equipment.


North Star stainless steel ice makers and stainless steel ice storage systems are designed to meet the food safety and sanitation standards for worldwide food processing.

North Star Ultra, Elite and Plus Ice Machines

  • Stainless steel freezing surface and stainless steel components throughout the water path.
  • Will not chip, peel, crack, pit or rust, as chrome-plated surfaces are known to do.
  • Ice contacts only stainless steel and other materials accepted for food processing.
  • Easy to clean as required for safety and sanitation.

North Star Elite and Plus modular ice storage systems

  • Stainless steel rakes and bin liners as well as other stainless steel components for safe, sanitary storage of ice.
  • Can be combined with screw conveyor or pneumatic delivery systems and case ice dispensers depending on the processor’s requirements.

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