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The packaged ice industry relies on North Star ice equipment to safely store and deliver large volumes of ice and keep production flowing smoothly. This industry is manufacturing and storing tube, plate or shell ice for beverage cooling and packing it for retail sale. The International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) recommends that packaged ice manufacturers follow the food safety and sanitation protocols of any food processor.

  • 1 North Star’s patented ice rake distributes ice in the storage bin and delivers it on command.
  • 2 A North Star modular ice storage system is installed at packaged ice customer, HyVee.
  • 3 To increase capacity, two or more North Star ice storage systems can be combined.
  • 4 Another view of a North Star modular ice storage system for packaged ice.
  • 5 An elevating conveyor moves ice from the storage bin to the bagging equipment.


Because the ice in this application is consumed as a food, North Star highly recommends the use of stainless steel ice storage systems. North Star also provides screw conveyor delivery systems to integrate North Star storage bins with bagging equipment provided by other suppliers.


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