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North Star Solutions for the Seafood Industry

North Star Ice Equipment got its start in the seafood industry and has provided cooling solutions for fishermen, seafood processors, and distributors throughout the world for more than 60 years. We understand the highly perishable nature of seafood and how quick chilling can increase shelf life and preserve the value of this important food product. Our experience has included custom designs to solve a wide variety of specifications and special requirements.

  • 1 North Star flake ice is used by the fishing fleet in Morro Bay, California.
  • 2 Two North Star Model 40 flake ice makers supply ice at Walmart in Mexico.
  • 3 Two North Star Model 90 flake ice makers at the Ice Market in Puerto Montt, Chile.
  • 4 A North Star modular ice storage system holds 110 tons (100 MT) of flake ice for farmed salmon processing.
  • 5 North Star liquid ice is applied to freshly caught fish aboard the F/V Hardbakur.
  • 6 Fresh cod in North Star liquid ice.
  • 7 Aboard the F/V Hardbakur redfish are cooled with North Star liquid ice.
  • 8 North Star Model 40 liquid ice maker.
  • 9 An internal view of a North Star liquid ice maker.

North Star provides the following ice solutions for seafood applications:

  • Flake ice machines
  • Liquid ice generators
  • Ice storage systems
  • Ice delivery to various use points
  • Boat icing at the dock
  • Onboard icing
  • Product icing and re-icing for distribution and transport

Learn more about how to choose ice equipment for seafood applications and our recommended equipment for the seafood industry. As always, North Star is ready to help you specify equipment or to provide quotes for your seafood application.

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