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Considerations for the Seafood Industry

North Star flake ice offers numerous benefits over other types of ice for chilling highly perishable seafood:

  • The greatest cooling surface area – The more ice that comes in contact with seafood, the faster it cools. Flake ice offers more cooling surface area than any other type of ice.
  • Faster cooling – The thin shape of flake ice allows it to melt quickly for the fastest heat transfer. Ice only cools when it melts, so faster melting equals faster cooling.
  • Greater product protection – The flat shape of flake ice cushions seafood against damage and will not create indentations in fish.
  • Easy to store and distribute – North Star flake ice is completely dry and free-flowing, so it will not fuse together in a storage bin or clog delivery systems. This is critical in high volume ice applications like seafood processing plants.
  • Cost-effective production – Flake ice is the most economical ice to produce, requiring only 1.3 tons of refrigeration per ton of ice from 60ºF (16º C) water.


North Star recommends stainless steel ice makers and storage systems for all food applications. For those who prefer liquid ice, North Star seawater liquid ice also provides rapid product cooling.

When sizing ice makers for seafood applications the general rule of thumb is 1 pound of ice per pound of finfish. Mollusks and others are generally iced at ½ pound of ice per pound of product. Please contact North Star for assistance in sizing a flake ice plant or liquid ice system for your application.


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