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Recommended Ice Equipment for Seafood Applications

North Star recommends the following ice equipment to its seafood customers:

Stainless Steel Flake Ice Makers – Throughout the food, stainless steel has long been recognized as the superior material for processing equipment. North Star offers three options of stainless steel ice machines – Standard, Plus and Elite.

Liquid Ice Generators – North Star’s seawater liquid ice generators offer North Star dependability in a liquid ice option with a stainless steel freezing surface.

Modular Ice Storage Systems – Available in stainless steel and galvanized options, these storage systems can be installed in any refrigerated room. They are very convenient for retrofitting older plants or expansions.

Rectangular Ice Storage Systems – High capacity storage with a proven record of performance.

Triangular Ice Storage Systems – Economical ice storage with elevated discharge.

Containerized Ice Plants – A useful option for remote locations. These self-contained units can be relocated much more easily than other systems.

Delivery Options – North Star offers both screw conveyor and pneumatic delivery options. We custom design your delivery system depending on your designated use points and other specifications.

Automatic Salinity Control System – This unit provides complete control of the salinity of the ice maker make-up water, reducing labor and salt use, while ensuring the proper operation and longer life of your ice machines.


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