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North Star ice equipment has been installed at large ski resorts, theme parks and other attractions to create indoor and outdoor snow surfaces for skiing, snowboarding and other winter recreation. Produced by industrial flake ice makers, North Star snow can be used to create a realistic winter environment to enhance the visitors’ experience.


North Star flake ice equipment offers a distinct advantage over conventional snowmaking equipment because it makes snow at ambient temperatures above freezing. With North Star, recreation companies don’t have to wait for winter conditions to make snow as with conventional snowmaking equipment. North Star snow is also “sub-cooled” making it free flowing, so can be easily moved using mechanical or pneumatic systems, and it provides a natural skiing surface.


  • Snow production at ambient temperatures above freezing allows operators better control over season start and end dates.
  • Low environmental impact, no water is wasted; energy efficient; no chemical snow inducers or additives are needed
  • A proven, established technology; rugged and dependable
  • Centralized plant, mobile systems, or satellite units available
  • Can be used in conjunction with conventional ice making equipment.
  • Low temperature, sub-cooled and free flowing snow
    • Lasts longer at above freezing temperatures
    • Grooms well with existing equipment
    • Provides a natural skiing surface
  • Can be used indoors or out, especially in high traffic areas near lifts, teaching areas, snow tubing hills and terrain parks


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