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Available in three configurations, all North Star stainless steel flake ice makers feature a solid stainless steel freezing surface and a lifetime evaporator warranty to ensure their durability and long life. Additional stainless steel components throughout the machine meet international food safety and sanitation requirements. Long-lasting and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel has long been recognized as the best material for all types of food processing equipment, including ice makers. Most importantly, North Star stainless steel ice makers produce top quality, sub-cooled flake ice for fast, efficient product cooling, allowing perishable food processors to maintain their cold chain and extend the shelf life of their products.

Feature Benefit
Solid stainless steel freezing surface
  • Under normal operating conditions, the stainless steel freezing surface will not chip, flake, pit, rust or corrode like chrome plated, aluminum, or some other freezing surfaces
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
Stainless steel components
  • The smart choice for food safety and sanitation
  • Will not corrode under normal operating conditions
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple shut down and start up each season
  • Compatible with most plant sanitation methods with proper rinsing
Makes sub-cooled flake ice
  • The best type of ice for food applications
  • Superior surface area coverage for faster, more efficient cooling
  • Flat shape will not harm perishable products
  • Free-flowing, easy to move and store
  • Blends easily with other foods without damaging mixing equipment
Lifetime evaporator warranty
  • Dependable and built to last
  • The best in the industry


No matter how you use ice, North Star has an ice maker that’s right for the job. Our three lines of stainless steel ice makers offer the advantage of a solid stainless steel freezing surface and different combinations of stainless steel components to fit your requirements. North Star stainless steel ice makers also meet ASME Pressure Vessel Code standards.

Find the right model of North Star flake ice maker for your application using the charts below or our Capacity Calculator.

  Good Better Best
North Star Product Line Standard Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Plus Elite Stainless Steel and Ultra Stainless Steel
Freezing Surface Solid stainless steel Solid stainless steel Solid stainless steel
Recommended Applications Initial cooling, top icing, and transport of whole perishable products. Initial cooling, top icing, and transport of whole or cut perishable products. Ice is used as an ingredient and blended into a food mixture.
Seafood Processing & Fishing  
Meat – Processed Products & Sausage  
Other Foods    
Benefits Enhances food product safety and plant sanitation with a solid stainless steel freezing surface and 13 key stainless steel parts. Adds more stainless components to increase product life and reliability, particularly suited for seafood applications and marine environments. Stainless steel components are incorporated throughout the water path, drive assembly, evaporator assembly and ice harvesting assembly to provide the ultimate option for durability, food safety and sanitation.


Model Capacity* Height** Width Length
10 4.6 T
4.2 MT
52 in
1321 mm
41 in
1041 mm
48 in
1219 mm
20 11.5 T
10.4 MT
64 in
1626 mm
61 in
1549 mm
87 in
2210 mm
40 19.3 T
17.5 MT
87 in
2210 mm
64 in
1626 mm
87 in
2210 mm
60 28.9 T
26.2 MT
92 in
2337 mm
83 in
2108 mm
108 in
2743 mm
90 40.3 T
36.6 MT
116 in
2946 mm
83 in
2108 mm
110 in
2794 mm

*Capacity in US tons (T) and metric tons (MT) of ice per 24 hours based on -25ºF (-32ºC) evaporator temperature, ammonia refrigerant, 1.5mm ice thickness, and 60° F (16° C) water supply temperatures. For other requirements and conditions consult North Star. Specifications subject to change without notice.
** Overall height requirements vary upon installation. Contact North Star for more information.


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