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Since 1950, North Star Ice Equipment has led the world in the design and manufacture of high-capacity industrial flake ice makers. Often copied but never equaled, North Star’s enclosed vertical drum design, and expert construction result in a low stress, low wear, and low maintenance ice maker that is simple to install and operate. The compact, economical unit produces totally subcooled flake ice with efficiency and reliability unmatched by other ice machines.

  • 1 Two North Star Model 90 flake ice makers at the Ice Market in Puerto Montt, Chile.
  • 2 North Star Elite Stainless Steel Ice Maker.
  • 3 North Star Model 10 package unit.
  • 4 Two North Star Model 40 flake ice makers supply ice at Walmart in Mexico.
  • 5 North Star flake ice makers ready for shipment.
  • 6 North Star Model 40 flake ice makers.
  • 7 North Star flake ice makers ready for shipment to the Betagro poultry plant in Thailand.
  • 8 This North Star Model 10 package unit is designed for shipboard installation.


  • Choose stainless steel or carbon steel freezing surfaces depending on your application.
  • Available in five models with capacities between 4.6 and 53 tons (4.2 to 48 MT) of ice, depending on operating conditions. Combine two or more models for greater ice making capacity. Makes ice from fresh water, seawater and other liquids.
  • Uses ammonia or halocarbon refrigerants.
  • Installs on land or onboard vessels with a broad range of power options.
  • Offers the smallest footprint with the largest ice capacity in the business.
  • Ice thickness can be varied in the field by changing the speed of the rotor.


  • Built for industrial use with high quality heavy-duty parts.
  • Constructed to ASME code for 150 PSIG working pressure.
  • Designed with a stationary double-walled evaporator and no refrigerant seals, which are known to leak.
  • Includes important safety features, such as a see-through inspection hatch with safety switch, mechanical load limit switch, emergency stop switch, and drive belt guard.
  • Covered by a lifetime evaporator warranty.


  • Makes more ice than any other ice maker using an equally rated compressor.
  • Operates continuously with no defrost cycles. All energy used goes to making ice.
  • Recirculates any water overflow back to the water tank so no water is lost. The patented drip shield ensures that no water falls into the ice storage bin.
  • Designed with an attached insulated accumulator to provide accurate refrigerant level control and complete separation of liquid and gas refrigerant. (Also available as a forced recirculation system with no accumulator).
  • Encased in high R-value polyurethane insulation with a molded fiberglass cover to increase energy efficiency and eliminate corrosion.
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