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North Star Ice Equipment manufactures automatic ice storage systems designed to store and deliver large quantities of ice all at the touch of a button. Versatile enough for any industrial application, North Star ice systems offer a convenient and economical way to handle any type of ice – flake, plate, shell or tube. North Star’s patented design and expert construction result in an ice system that is easy to install and maintain and built to last.

  • 2 North Star modular ice storage systems are available with galvanized or stainless steel components.
  • 3 To increase capacity, two or more North Star ice storage systems can be combined.
  • 4 A North Star modular ice storage system is installed at packaged ice customer, HyVee.
  • 5 An elevating conveyor moves ice from the storage bin to the delivery equipment.
  • 7 North Star flake ice falls into the storage bin at the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plant in the United States.
  • 8 A large North Star ice storage system serves the aquaculture business in Chile.
  • 9 The installation of a North Star ice storage system.
  • 10 The delivery screw delivers ice out of the storage bin when it is needed.
  • 11 The bin door opens automatically for each delivery of ice.

North Star combines its ice storage systems with ice makers and delivery systems in a custom design to meet your specific ice production, storage and delivery requirements. At the heart of the system is North Star’s patented ice rake. The rake levels ice in the storage bin to maximize storage space and automatically discharges it when it is needed. North Star ice rakes have long been proven the most efficient and dependable way to handle ice.

North Star offers five types of ice storage systems with storage capacities ranging from 12 tons to 250 tons (11 to 227MT) per unit. Units can be combined to increase storage capacity.


Rectangular Ice Storage SystemsModular systems include a storage bin with stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized bin liners and can store from 18 tons to 280 tons (17 to 255 MT) per unit.




Designed for high capacity ice storage, these North Star systems store 100 tons to 250 tons (91 to 227MT) per unit.




These systems offer elevated discharge of ice and economical storage of 12 tons to 55 tons (11 to 50 MT) of ice per unit.




Easy to install and movable, these ice plants are installed inside standard 40-foot cargo containers and incorporate ice makers, ice storage, an ice rake and delivery system.

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