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The North Star Liquid Ice Advantage

In addition to our flake ice maker line, North Star also offers efficient and dependable seawater liquid ice generators. North Star liquid ice generators offer a number of benefits you can’t find in other slurry ice machines.

  • 1 North Star liquid ice is applied to freshly caught fish aboard the F/V Hardbakur.
  • 2 North Star Model 40 liquid ice maker.
  • 3 Three Model 60 Stainless Steel flake ice makers supply liquid ice for the F/V Faxi.
  • 4 An internal view of a North Star liquid ice maker.
  • 5 North Star liquid ice.

  • Reliable – North Star delivers a dependable generator that produces seawater liquid ice using proven technology. All units are constructed to 150 PSIG/10.3 bar working pressure ASME code with inspection and test certificates furnished.
  • Minimum salinity – Our liquid ice generators make seawater liquid ice with a minimum salinity of 2.5%, allowing North Star to apply seawater directly to the ice generator freezing surface. Other liquid ice makers require 3.5% salinity, requiring a brine make-up tank to be added to the system.
  • Meets all food processing standards – North Star evaporator and water path components are stainless steel – the first and best choice for food processing.
  • Compact – The smallest footprint with the largest ice capacity in the industry.
  • Pumpable ice – North Star liquid ice can be pumped anywhere you need it using small diameter PVC piping.
  • Versatile – Designed for shipboard or land-based applications. Ice discharges to progressive cavity pump or mixing/storage tank (by others). Integrated control panel operates all system components.
  • Flexible – Can be operated with either ammonia or halocarbon refrigeration systems. Multiple refrigeration units are not required.
  • Energy Efficient – Protected with high R-value polyurethane insulation and reinforced fiberglass exterior.
  • Lifetime warranty – Backed by the best warranty in the business – North Star’s lifetime evaporator warranty.


North Star liquid ice generators are available in five models ranging in capacity from 18.6 to 158 tons (16.9 to 143 MT) of liquid ice per 24 hours (based on an ice slurry of 25% ice and 75% water). All North Star liquid ice generators are backed by North Star’s lifetime evaporator warranty.

Ice Content Total Liquid Ice
10 SS 4.6 T
4.2 MT
18.6 T
16.9 MT
20 SS  11.2 T
10.2 MT
45.1 T
40.9 MT
40 SS 19.0 T
17.2 MT
75.6 T
68.6 MT
60 SS 28.4 T
25.8 MT
113.8 T
103.2 MT
90 SS 39.5 T
35.8 MT
158.0 T
143.3 MT
*Capacity in US tons (T) and metric tons (MT) of ice slurry with 25% ice and 75% water per 24 hours based on –22° F (-30° C) evaporator temperature, halocarbon refrigerant, 34° F (1° C) seawater supply temperature, and 3.5% salt content. For other requirements and conditions consult North Star. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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