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Economical Ice Storage for
Industrial Applications

North Star triangular ice storage systems are the most economical choice because less mechanical equipment is required. They store between 18 and 55 tons (16 and 50 MT) of ice depending on the model. The triangular design also allows for the discharge of ice 8 feet (2.5 meters) above the bin floor for easy delivery into carts or an external conveying system. The triangular system is ideal for plants where ice is used throughout a 24-hour day and therefore a large storage capacity is not required.


  • North Star storage systems are built with heavy-duty industrial grade components for continuous operation, long life and low maintenance.
  • North Star’s patented ice rake levels the ice as it is produced by the ice maker, then sweeps it out of the bin during the discharge cycle.
  • The hoist automatically adjusts the height of the rake to level the ice in the bin.
  • The triangular system features a single screw that discharges the ice at an elevated point directly into totes or carts, or to a screw conveyor or pneumatic delivery system.
  • Triangular system configurations can include end or side corridors for locating bin cooling units or additional delivery equipment.
  • Standard ice bin components are hot-dipped galvanized. Stainless steel options are also available.
  • Control panels can be designed to accommodate dual rake systems, multiple ice makers or other design options. The panel integrates starter and logic controls for the ice maker, rake and delivery system. Other components can be added as well.
  • Control panels are also available with optional programmable logic controller and operator interface panel.
  • All systems include state-of -the-art safety and protection features.
  • The space below the sloped bin floor can be used as a machinery room (if insulated), or for cold or dry storage.
  • All systems can be equipped with either a pneumatic delivery system or screw conveyor system.
  • Custom sized and designed to fit available space and maximize ice storage requirements.
  • CE compliant


T-1: Bin with direct discharge or discharge to an external screw conveyor.

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T-2: Bin with pneumatic conveying system.
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