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North Star offers two options for stainless steel ice storage systems for food-grade applications. Both options feature heavy-duty industrial components and store and deliver any type of ice continuously and automatically. The North Star MR-Plus includes stainless steel ice contact components and the North Star MR-Elite is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Each system includes an integrated control panel customized to run North Star components and additional equipment for simple operation of the entire ice plant from one location.

North Star modular ice storage systems include a modular bin frame and liner fitted with a North Star ice rake and bin frame mounted hoist. The rake levels the ice as it is produced and discharges it when needed, and the hoist automatically adjusts the height of the rake to the volume of ice in the bin. These systems do not require the construction of a refrigerated building with wooden support columns and instead can be installed as a free standing unit in an existing refrigerated room. For this reason they are increasingly popular for retrofitting older plants or for new plants where wood construction is not practical.

Feature Benefit
Wide range of standard dimensions and custom designs
  • Capacities from 18 to 280 U.S. tons (17 to 255 MT) in a single unit. Multiple units can be combined for even greater storage
  • Efficient use of available floor space
  • Full utilization of cubic footprint provides maximum storage capacity
Two stainless steel systems available in numerous sizes
  • Designed for food grade applications
  • Only stainless steel components make contact with the ice
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
Integrated control panel
  • Custom designed for each installation
  • Controls entire ice storage and delivery system as well as additional ice making, collection and delivery equipment
  • Touch screen operator interface provides system status and alerts
Designed to operate with both wet and dry bins
  • Stores all sizes of tube and plate ice; ideal for bagging operations
  • Design ensures complete automatic discharge of ice without manual intervention
Proven design, installed around the world
  • Requires only simple maintenance of electro-mechanical systems
  • CE compliant


  • Hot-dip galvanized tubular steel wall frames with stainless steel bin liners and access doors with clear plastic viewing panels.
  • Electric operated rake assembly with soft start fluid drive coupling and low speed overload protection.
  • Electric operated hoist assembly with galvanized drip pan, and electronic controller with “bin empty” and “bin full” detection.
  • Electric operated bin door assembly with viewing panels and plastic liner. Linear actuator-type bin door operator on SMR and LMR, automatic winch-type bin door operator on JMR, HMR, GMR and FMR.
  • Manual control station for rake, hoist and bin door.
  • All systems include state-of -the-art safety and protection features.
  • Electric control panel with programmable logic controller with motor starters for rake, hoist, bin door and discharge screw, door mounted operator interface panel, consolidated power supply wiring with main disconnect, circuit breakers, power conditioner, all motor starters and control power transformer.


North Star packaged ice systems are available in two options – the MR-Plus and the MR-Elite. The design of the MR-Plus ensures that ice comes into contact with only stainless steel or food-grade plastic components. The MR-Elite is for applications that require a completely stainless steel rake assembly, with all components inside the ice bin made of stainless steel or food grade plastic.

Component MR-Plus System MR-Elite System
Ice Rake Stainless steel truss covers, truss shoes and rake flights Complete rake assembly is stainless steel
Rake Chain Stainless steel or food-grade plastic* Stainless steel or food-grade plastic*
Drive Assembly Stainless steel cover & drive shaft Stainless steel cover & drive shaft
Drive and Idle Sprockets Stainless steel or food grade plastic* Stainless steel or food grade plastic*
Reinforced bin wall frames with bin liners, and hinged side access doors with viewing panels Stainless steel bin panels, and wear and thrust plates Stainless steel bin panels, wear and thrust plates, bottom tie bars, and bottom flat bar strips
Delivery Systems Stainless steel screw conveyors -- 10 to 30 U.S. tons (9 to 27 MT) per hour delivery rate.

  *depending on model

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