Which Flake Ice Machine Do You Need? 

The questions below will help to guide you in determining the best North Star flake ice machine for your operation.

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    We offer two freezing surface options on our ice makers - stainless steel and carbon steel.

    Stainless Steel is the best choice for all food-related applications including seafood, meat and poultry, produce, packaged ice, bakery, and specialty industries such as pet food.

    Carbon Steel is the preferred choice for all non-food related industries such as concrete cooling, chemical and dyestuff processing, and recreational snowmaking.

    If you need a stainless steel freezing surface, you also have the choice between three different ice maker configurations. We offer a Standard Stainless Steel, Plus Stainless Steel, and Elite Stainless Steel ice maker.

    Standard Stainless Steel - the Standard model has 13 key components in stainless steel making this ice maker the best choice for initial cooling, top icing, and transporation of whole perishable products.

    Plus Stainless Steel - the Plus model ice maker upgrades 2 components to stainless steel from the standard model. This ice maker is best used for seafood, produce, and poultry processing where ice is not used as an ingredient.

    Elite Stainless Steel - the Elite model ice maker upgrades 8 components from the Plus model and 10 components from the Standard model ensuring the ice only comes into contact with stainless steel throughout the entire ice making process. This ice maker is ideal for all food-related applications but specifically designed for meat processing and bakery applications where ice is used as an ingredient within the mixing process. The Elite ice maker is designed to meet international and domestic food safety and sanitation requirements.

    North Star offers five sizes of flake ice makers:

    Model 10 (5* tons per day)

    Model 20 (10* tons per day)

    Model 40 (20* tons per day)

    Model 60 (30* tons per day)

    Model 90 (40* tons per day)

    The amount of ice you need to produce per day will dictate which ice maker model you choose.            

    You can utilize the North Star Capacity Calculator to calculate the size ice maker you require by inputting your operating conditions. 

    *Please note that our capacity calculator is just an estimate and actual ice production depends on operating conditions, environmental factors, and technical equipment used. 


Helpful Technical Information

Use the Capacity Calculator below to size the correct ice maker for your project. Download helpful brochures, specification sheets, and other technical data in our Resources Library.

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We ship and install
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